Compact First for Schools Student’s Pack (Student’s Book without Answers, Workbook without Answers with Audio)

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Cambridge English Empower C1 Student’s Book delivers dynamic learning through clear objectives, engaging visuals, and a structured lesson format. Grounded in the Cambridge English Corpus, it emphasizes functional language, pronunciation, and conversational skills with entertaining videos.

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Cambridge English Empower C1 Student’s Book

  • Clear Learning Objectives: The book features clear learning objectives and a uniquely sustainable teaching concept. It incorporates engaging visuals, texts, and videos to enhance the learning experience.
  • Comprehensive Lesson Structure: Each lesson includes components such as Everyday English, Skills for Writing, Progress Test, Review, and Extension. This well-rounded approach ensures a thorough understanding of the content.
  • Utilization of Cambridge English Corpus and Vocabulary Profile: The content is developed based on the Cambridge English Corpus and the Vocabulary Profile, ensuring accuracy and relevance in language learning.
  • Functional Language, Pronunciation, and Conversational Skills: The book emphasizes functional language use, pronunciation practice, and the development of conversational skills. These aspects are supported by entertaining videos that complement the learning process.

ISBN 9781009167260



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