Employability Skills Module

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Employability Skills by Cambridge is an eight-unit online module focusing on teaching employability skills in English for the workplace.

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“Employability Skills: Essential Soft Skills for Career Success.” Tailored for adults and young adults proficient in B1 English and beyond, this international English course offers essential employability skills for your career journey.

The eight-unit online module, accessed through Cambridge One, serves both teacher-led classes and individual student use. Activities are mostly automarked for efficiency, providing instant feedback. User-friendly administration allows easy class setup and progress monitoring. In-class completion is supported with Teacher’s Notes offering guidance on management, presentation, and worksheet usage. Resources are conveniently stored in the teacher resource folder on Cambridge One, including videos, audios, scripts, glossaries, and various tasks.

The module emphasises all four language skills, with a focus on employability soft skills. End-of-unit certificates and a digital badge are available for students.